X-Touch Extender XCTL Mode


Dear Behringer Support Team,

I am a happy user of the X-Touch with X-Air mixers.

Recently I purchased an X-Touch Extender and hoped it would indeed "extend" the X-Touch by allowing a 16 channel control alongside the X-Touch with all those nice features and colored scribble strips.

However, the X-Touch Extender does currently not support the XCTL mode (I am using OSIMIDI to partially fill the gap). And I am wondering, how those colored scribble strips came to the product pictures as I have not found any means even by using the syssex commands from the Quick Start Guide in the Extender's "CTRL" mode.

So I am wondering: Is a firmware update planned for the X-Touch Extender to add the XCTL protocol and to enable a "real" extension of the X-Touch towards 16 channels control with all the nice XCTL features?

I am sure this would provide you with a huge success for this combination - including a nomination for the Grammy Awards ;-).

Thanks for your efforts in answering.

Best regards