DP48 Group Names?


I'm completely new to the DP48 and having an issue that I can't figure out.

To add names to the groups, I've created a single line .csv file, comman delimited, and imported the names. For some reason the name for group 1 is blank. I've tried creating the file in Excel and Notepad with the same results using each.

For example, this is the file I created:
Keys,Mic 1,Mic 2,Mic 3,Bass,Drums,HH 1,HH 2,Gtr 1,Gtr 2,Click,Pads

When I import this, I see this on the screen:

                HH 1
Mic 1        HH 2
Mic 2        Gtr 1
Mic 3        Gtr 2
Bass         Click
Drums      Pads

I can't figure out why "Keys" is blank.