USB cable recommendation for X-USB board on Behringer x32 to 2020 MacBook Pro


Hi all,

Our church has a Behringer x32 soundboard for our sound system. On the back is the x-USB interface, which we connect to a local iMac that's also in the soundpit. At this point I want to repurpose that USB connection to my MacBook Pro, which is up in the balcony recording video. 

When reading cable reviews on one of the big box sites, I found several where people were saying that the cable I was looking at does NOT support audio transfer. Kind of caught me off-guard, so that's why I'm here.

I'm hoping for some kind of recommendation for a USB 2.0 USB cable A/B which won't break the bank. One site had cables labeled as "audiophile" and were asking hundreds of dollars, which is just crazy talk. :-) Without measuring my best guess is we're looking at around 20-25 feet in length.

Since the MBP is fitted with USB-C connectors I realize I'll have to go through an adapter. But, that's the nature of the game with the newest Apple tech these days.