TC Flashback II- only hearing delay, no dry?


Help! I've owned the TC Flashback II for a few months now and am loving it. Earlier this year I updated the firmware to use the tap tempo function and that was working fine. I came back to my pedal after a month off or so, and now for some reason, when engaged, I can only hear the delay output, and not the attack of the note itself. What I've done so far to troubleshoot: 


- Pulled the pedal off the pedal board and isolated it as the only pedal in the signal chain between the guitar and the amp

- Tried multiple different amps

- Tried multiple different guitars

- Verified that input is going into the pedal through MONO and exiting through MONO

- Verified that true bypass and kill/dry dipswitches are set correctly (set to true bypass and off respectively, both oriented left)

What are suggestions for next steps? Thank you!