repairs in the United States



Do you have a repair address or number to get an RMA for a repair? I dont mind paying per repair, I just want my units working again. I have 2 UMC404 units that have the blinky lights bug.. I just put them aisde and buy another.. I have not been able to locate a service location here in the states... that I trust... Its the only reason, I have only purchased "self-service-able" classic constructions that I can repair till I find a true address to send repairs to. I dont even care if it takes 6 months.. Im that type of customer. I love you products by the way. Been trying to say hi to Uli and tell him what a great job hes doing. I use his products in my studio and on our albums. Good stuff. I just repaired a 1202FX from the trash bin.. Now its ready to get back to work!