Am I missing something, or the Toneprint app is the worst (with the Plethora X5)


I recently got a TC Electronic Plethora X5 and I'm loving it. I played with it for some time and now decided to tweak some of the settings on my computer... and I couldn't be more dissapointed.

First: the user manual for the Toneprint app doesn't even mention the plethora, the plethora itself comes with quick start guide and no detailed manual. Why?

Second: the toneprint app seems to be completely unprepared for interacting with plethora, I have the boards tab, that I can use for renaming and reordering the boards, which I will use for reordering the boards if I want it or not, because if you are past the first 10 or 15 boards every single click will reorder the board you clicked to a random spot in the first 10. It cannot do anything else, or I'm completely missing something. Can I delete, duplicate, create new board in the toneprint app? Most importantly: can I edit the board I have created? Can I at least edit the effect in realtime and tweak the settings to see what works? The toneprint app seems to completely not utilise the fact that the communication with the Plethora is two way. It works on the single fx pedals, so I really expected it here.

I'm frustrated and extremely dissapointed :(


Running plethora at build 1.2.18, Toneprint app at 4.4.03, and mac on catalina 10.15.7

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