X Touch One Footswitch Problem


Hello, I recently purchaed an X Touch One, and according to the instructions, I should be able to use a standard midi sustain pedal as a record-toggle footswitch with Logic Pro X. However, when I plug a pedal into the jack on the back of the unit and press the footswitch, the unit seems to get confused. It gets stuck in a glitchy recording loop inside Logic Pro, and the lights on the X Touch One go all haywire. The only remedy is to power off the unit and unplug the footswitch.

I've tried using two different footswtiches, both standard 1/4" midi sustain pedals, and the unit exhibits the same behavoir, no matter which one is connected. Please note, I'm running the X Touch One firmware to the latest version (v.1.08) and using the X Touch One in the Logic configuration.

Am I missing something? Is there anything specific I need to do inside Logic to properly set up the unit so it recognizes the record-toggle command doesn't get confused? Or do I have a defective unit.


Dan B.