calibration file for ECM8000 measurement mic?


I deleted my previous content in this post because Behringer customer service has already sent me the calibration file via email. Actually, they were lightning-fast on it, replying within 15 hours!

How I went about it:

I found the current email address for Behringer customer service, then requested the calibration file. (I am not posting the email address here, in case Behringer changes it. You can find it by navigating to Support.)

In my email, I included the Serial Number and Date Code from the sticker on my mic. Behringer sent me the generic calibration file, which is better than nothing! The generic specs include: frequency, relative dB and phase.

I am waiting for a reply regarding whether a unique calibration file is available for each mic. Since the ECM8000 is fairly inexpensive, I will not complain if no unique specs are available. The generic specs might be enough to help my particular situation.

I plan to post an update regarding what they say about unique specs.

I am considering to post a link to the generic specs here in the forum... But be aware that dfferent date codes or serial number lots might have slightly different specs. I don't know yet (I'm still in conversation with Behringer). Forum peops, do you want the generic specs that were sent to me?