My new 2600


by daEa


Hello everybody, A little about myself.. I’m a working musician, my bread & butter is on the road. I have a studio with drum room 

control room. Have some decent microphones/ outboard gear. I run PT w/ Universal Audio for my I/O’s tons of guitars, drums, basses etc.

Hope this is the right place to post this question:



I finally got my 2600 and having lots of fun with it. Vary happy. I hooked up the midi and was on my way. 

I have a Moog Mother 32 and a Arturia Microbrute and really want to start using the sequencer in both pieces of gear.

I know with the Arturia it has something to do with patching gate out into the sampler & hold clock & the pitch out. 

I have not been successful with running the sequencer on my Arturia or may Mother 32.. Was thinking it might be the drop pins 

on the back of my 2600 or firmware that needs to be installed.  Any help would be received gratefully.