MR 18 Repair Problems. Please help me out~~~!


When I call the Music Tribe Vegas branch, They didn't answer and not call back, and the Musictribe email is set to Auto replying, so I leave a message here.

I bought the MR18 thru Ebay(Seller was MusicTribe) in December last year, and there was a big noise problem on channel 1 and 2 at the time, so I got the RMA number thru the website and sent it to Thermal Relif Design.

I sent Thermal Relif Design in February and it's been a month since they received my unit on March 2nd, but they haven't been able to fix it. Also They are waiting for new parts until now, And They don't know when the repairs will be finished.

From April, I have a concert tour and I need my unit urgently. If Thermal Relif Design can't fix my unit by April 8th, then I want to just pick up my unit on April 9th. But They told me that needs to MusicTribe's authorization.

What should I do this situation?

Please help me out and Let me know.

Thank you.