M32 Self Assigned IP Address


Hello all! I am new here and am looking for info on the M32 network side of things. I have connected and used our iPad to connect to both our M32 and X32 in the past but have not used it recently due to the pandemic. I pulled everything back out and the X32 worked perfectly, however the M32 was not connecting to my iPad (or vice versa) and so tried connecting via DHCP to see what IP it was pulling. I came to find out that it is pulling a 169.254 IP meaning it is NOT connecting to the router. I then checked the cable - cable works, then tried plugging directly into our unmanaged network switch running to our netowrk closet with managed switch and fierwall - still not getting an IP. Is it possible that my network card is bad?? I am in IT and have had our whole department look it over and so am looking to you guys! Any help would be great! Thank you.