Midas L6 missing side feet.. Support concerns.


I submitted a ticked on the 4th of March about missing feet on the side of my Midas L6. It has been 4 days now and no response. I did receive the email stating a case had been created but that is it. I have checked spam folders as well and nothing. While my issue might not be a major issue it would be nice to get some sort of acknowledgement that they were looking into a resolution.

This is my first time reaching out to this company for support. I have purchased and used Behringer products for years and never had a need to contact support. I have been a big fan as the products just worked!

I have to say that this experience has made me nervous about continuing my journey with Behringer, Midas or any MusicTribe brands. It is a little uneasy knowing that support correspondence is so sparse. Granted I am only one tiny drop in the bucket of their customer base but in Googling this issue this seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

Can someone please tell how long it usually takes to get some sort of response from support with actual help?