TC Electronics Sub'n'Up Octaver Effects Pedal


Hey Everyone

Have just taken delivery of the Sub'n'Up Effects Pedal which I decided to buy because of the great sounds it can produce but especially for it's reported ability to emulate a baritone guitar (Fender Mark VI) as per Jet Harris in the 60's using a Standard Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Tone Report review had the following to say about the Sub'n'Up in this regard .....

Broken Tron quickly became my favorite TonePrint. As the name suggests, it exists to recreate the tone of a Mellotron—one that has been neglected and is suffering from sticky motors and degrading tape. The vibrato sounds great and if you use the sub-octave on its own, it's oddly enough the closest to actually sounding like a baritone guitar. And that subtle vibrato on the baritone is great for both classic Bass VI sounds as well as cool surf the stuff from the ‘60s. 

I know other Octaver pedals (eg. Electro Harmonics Pitch Fork & POG) are able to produce this type of sound so if anyone can elaborate on the above or let me know what settings etc are required to get this sound on the Sub'n'Up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers  Pete