Midas M32 and M32C AES Link problems


Good day to you all.


I work as a sound engineer for a band and we have recently started using an M32 for FOH and linking it to an M32c /DL32 onstage for them to handle all their Monitors with their own ipads. this gives us total independance of the eq and compression for each channel between FOH and Stage duties.

For ease of their rehearslas where they do not need the FOH setup we have made the M32C be the controller of the Head amps.

So the DL32 links to their M32C AES PortA to Port A ... from the Port B of M32 C we link theat (At Gigs) to the AESPort A on the FOH desk.


The probalem I am getting is sending anything back to the stage via the AES cable ...Generally I want to send Main L and R plus a talkback and one Mono Sound Effects channel for intro playback and cues throughout the gig... so far I have always had to do this with XLR Analogue returns which can be difficult as some gigs we do now only have AES calbing installed so tradtional multicores have disappeared.


Is there a sure fire way of doing this via the AES Ports...? DO I need to wire it all differently? or can it be done with cafeful advised software routing. I have looked online for this scenario and watche countless youtube videos but I am not getting any closer to discovering how to do this.


The band use 28 channels onstage for their setup so there are 4 spare channels but not a block of 8 channels I can dedicate for return paths and that is probebly where I am getting lost... We have both M32 and M32C on same firmare 4.06


Thanks in advance for any help


Rob Aubrey