Does anyone use vol and exp inputs on G-System control board?


I have not seen much discussion about this.  I understand that there was a bug in early firmware that could cause expression inputs to stop functioning correctly.  The release notes for FW v3 and v4.05 indicate that these inlcude fixes for bugs related to expression pedals.

I am running FW 4.05 R1781.  The vol/expression inputs on the GFX01 rack unit work fine.  When I move the same pedals to the inputs on the control board, no dice.  Won't even calibrate.

My G-System is pretty old, Ser No. 6532013.  Well before they started mucking with the new input buffer circuitry.

If anyone has the control board vol/expression inputs working it'd be great to hear from you.

If they are working for you it'd be great if you can share any details on what you did to get them working.  Maybe they just "worked" for you, or maybe there are some hoops to jump through.