Why does X-Touch One have different mappings for MC Std vs. MC user?


by juba


Hi, I have an X-Touch One for evaluation with Cakewalk by BandLab. It works pretty nice in MC Std mode but I'd like to change the mapping of some keys to have access to FLIP and SEND.

So I switched to MC user mode but noticed that the DAW navigation behaves differently, although no mapping was changed so far. (The Assign feature displays the same name as labelled, for each button.)

After more detailed investigation it is obvious that the Channel> and <Channel button use different events in MC Std compared to MC user.
with MC user: Channel> = C#3 (49), <Channel = C3 (48)
with MC Std: Channel> = C#1 (25) on 1st push, then D1 (26), D#1 (27), ..., G1 (31). With each push the note value is increased, up to 8 times. This corresponds to the 8 channels in the fader bank.
Similarily, <Channel decreases from F#1 (30) to C1 (24).


  1. Why do the mappings of MC Std and MC user differ?

  2. How can I get the navigation behaviour of MC Std with different mappings on keys F1 to F6?

Thanks for your help!