Saving/Backing Up User TonePrints


Hi there!

Just got a Plethora X5 today. Starting to play with the TonePrint app and was wondering where TonePrints are saved. What I'd like to do is be able to back them up somewhere. That way if my system crashes and burns I'll have a backup I can restore.

One other thing I'm wondering, which might be related, is how User TonePrints work with other devices. Currently, it appears User TonePrints are only saved on the device they were created on. For instance, if I'm editing TonePrints on my Macbook and switch over to my iPad I can't see and edit any of the TonePrints created on my Macbook.

I bring this up because having that ability might be a cheap and easy way to have a backup. If both my Macbook and iPad have a cached version of my TonePrints then if one crashes then at least one of them will have my TonePrints. At that point, all I would have to do is connect my device and make sure those TonePrints are synced to my Plethora X5 and then sync it up with the device that crashed and I'm back in business. 

Basically, there needs to be a way to make sure TonePrints can be restored should something bad happen. :P