Product request: X32 control expansion sidecar?


I work for a tiny K-12 school district which does not have an auditorium but rather a "gymnatorium" where we have to share space for concerts with the athletic director. Nothing can be permanent, everything is on wheels.

We do not have room to upgrade a much more expensive mixer console desk with 64 permanently mounted input sliders.

Although the overlapped 1-16 / 17-32 / Aux / Effects input banks of the X32 are useful for our small venue, there are times where I would like to have more input or output banks exposed and accessible at the same time.

It seems workable to have a bank of 8 sliders, scribble strip, and signal level indicators of the X32 broken out into a "sidecar" that plugs into the X32 and provides access to the grouped/paged banks for input or output.

These could then be daisy-chained to the X32 to expose any number of the input or output channels, without taking up space with redundant controls such as for equalization.

For the input bank, the number of group selection buttons would be doubled to work with 8 sliders. The output bank controls could be positioned on the right side of the sidecar.

Dale Mahalko, Gilman, WI, USA