Behringer X-Touch Compact MIDI QUESTION


by RubenSt


Hey heroes,

Question; we're using Behringer XTouch compact in a big european show for Ableton and triggering all kinds of cool things (graphics, AR, screens, lighting, etc...) we<3MIDI

And now we're wondering if there's a way to send all midi data that's sent to the USB port, simultaniously to the midi-out DIN port on the XTouch Compact.

It switches between modes 'USB' and 'Stand-Alone'.
In USB mode all data goes to USB only. 
In Stand Alone mode all data goes to MIDI DIN out.

For redundancy reasons we'd like to try and make them (USB and midiDIN out) work at the same time.
Another solution would ofcourse be DIN out > THRU box and split from there.
If anyone knows how to make them spit out midi data simultaniously; hit me up!