M32/X32 Edit - Multiple Mackie Controllers


Feature Request: To be able to have 2 (or more) Mackie Control protocol control surfaces to control M32-Edit/X32-Edit.

I have a Waves FIT contoller, which has 16+1 faders. I can control the M32C via OsiMIDI, as I can add more than one contoller at a time (the Waves FIT uses a lot 8 and 8+1 fader configuration for Mackie Control). It'd be great if I could use the controller to fully integrate with the Edit software.

I can also see that this would be of use to connect 2 seperate controllers together.

The Waves FIT controller would be a fantastic way to control the M32C, and I could quite see that it'd be a good competitor setup to the Waves LV1.