M32 USB Recording


by lp11


I am attempting to record a speaker via thumb drive through the M32, but I am having trouble with recording the whole session. I learned I didn't have the usb formatted to FAT, so I took care of that and the problem was solved short-term, but it started doing the same thing as before. At some point during the speaker's sessions, the system will just stop recording on its own and when I look at the file, it says there is no data on it and it was created December 31st, 1969 at 7pm. I have over 100 free gigs on the usb, so storage isn't an issue and I'm hesitant to say the issue is the size of the recording since the time it shuts off varies and I have the usb properly formatted. 

Any ideas and help would be greatly appredciated. 

Thank you!