2x Midas Hub4?


appreciate our input on following Need and Idea about using 2x Midas HUB4 for connecting 41 channels and 8x stereo IEM
41 channels on stage, 8 person band, 2xDL16, 1x DL32.
8x stereo wireless IEM from stage, IEM mix by musician's app and FOH engineer
3x DL stageboxes connected with AES50 to Midas HUB4, 4x2 analog out (from HUB4) to 4x IEM transmitters
Second midas HUB4 daisy chained over AES50 with first Midas HUB4, 4x2 analog out (from HUB4) to 4x IEM transmitters
AES50 frome second Midas HUB4 to FOH: Behringer Wing
Can Midas HUB4 be daisy chained? or do I need 2x AES50 from FOH?
Can this idea technically be done?
Are there better/other ways of implementing "need"?
See attached simple scetch of the set-up in mind
Thank you, Arie

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