M32 stops passing audio, possible connection to OSC


by msteel


We have an M32 (full size, original non-live, still running v3.11) installed in a venue for over a year now.  One of the uses of the space is a classroom, in which case the system operates unattended.  In the past few weeks there have been a handful of times I have discovered the console not passing audio.  Visually, everything looks fine and the screen, buttons, and LEDs are responsive.  But no audio.  Notably, when I recalled a snapshot to make sure settings were correct, the console rebooted.  After that audio was working as intended.

This behavior began recently and is relatively frequent - every couple of days or more often.  Of course it is possible that the console has failed in some way, but I'm not yet convinced of that.  I'm not aware of any power problems in that location either, although this particular system is not on a UPS.

A significant change that coincides fairly well with the beginning of this behavior is related to some automation I have implemented using OSC commands over the network.  A recent feature change had the automation system continually setting some scribble strip colors and channel mutes twice a second.  Probably about 14 OSC commands per second altogether.  In some ways this feels like a lot of traffic, but it really doesn't seem excessive compared to something like real time meter updates or fader moves on an iPad app.  All the same, I am wondering if it is  somehow too much data to send and is crashing something in the console.

I've read all the release notes I've found in case there was a known issue my automation could be triggering, and nothing seemed to stick out.  But updating to the latest firmware might still be a good idea, I suppose.

In the mean time I've retooled my automation to reduce the frequency of the parameter updates.  I will see if that seems to make a difference.