Voicelive 3 extreme boot loop - Error code: 2008000


Hi there!


Yesterday I experienced a failure on my Voicelive 3 extreme just before I started my gig (Bummer!)

The unit starts booting, the sofware loads, but then it just reboots again. This continues non-stop in a never ending loop.

I have managed to upgrade it now using the maintenance-boot (pressing the switch inside the headphone-jack while powering up). I then installed the newest firmware (Version: 2.2.0 Build 336). The problem still persists, though. It boots - shortly displays a white-screen and then goes into the same boot-loop. It does come up with the splash-screen with yhe firmware-version (2.2.0 Build 336), so it seems the firmware upgrade has worked. After the ffirmware upgrade it  did come up with an error-message:


ERROR CODE: 2008000


The unit was unresponsive after this, but after a power-cycle it goes back into the "eternal boot-loop" again - although displaying the updated firmware version.


Anyone have a fix for this?


Best regards!