Behringer FBQ6200HD to be used with Behringer UMC404 and Tannoy REVEAL 502


For many years I have been running Behringer UMC404 audio interface's main output directly connected to two active monitors Tannoy REVEAL 502 via XLR, on my DAW rig. All EQ needs were handled using my DAW up to now, but I recently decided to buy a FBQ6200HD in an effort to (1) perform EQ on main output regardless DAW, and (2) to even better handle room acoustics via frequency analysing. No mixer in this setup, audio sources are 1 Mic, 1 El.Guitar, 1 RC505 looper with its own mic, and DAW output (vst etc controlled by 2 keyboards).

My question is, is it ok to connect my FBQ6200HD to my rig between the UMC404 and the REVEAL 502's via XLR? Experimenting with this setup I seem to have to set UMC404 MAIN OUT to 100% as well as FBQ input controls at 80+% in order to get adequate results. But, if I bypass EQ (either turning it off, or via IN/OUT button on each channel) no sound comes out the monitors, which is not how the FBQ6200HD is supposed to behave.

Please advise.