M32 Foh / X32rack Iem / Dl32 stagebox




I have a rack with Iem sistem and a x32rack to run it. As monitoring. We are going to self control via smartphone

The 8 xlr outputs of the x32 rack is connect to 8xIEMs.

Our band spend 26 channels connected to DL32. 

Also we have a M32 for FOH

Well I need to know how I need to connect and routing to have gain channel control on FoH. Trim gain in X32rack. 

I want a pre fader send to x32rack. 


Is this correct? 


Aes50a from dl32 to aes50a of M32

Aes50b from M32 to aes50a off x32rack

M32 internal clock

X32rack aes50a clock


Input routing (home)from aes50a 1-8....25-32

Aes50a out9-16 ( for main LR on 15&16 to Pa on Dl32) 

Aes50b out 1-4 & 5-8



Xlr out  --> local 1-4 and local 5-8????? 

And router WiFi on x32rack to control all? Is it correct?