Cannot get the FCB1010 working with the GMX 1200H V Tone


I own a V-tone GMX 1200H and I am having trouble getting the amp head and FCB1010 on the same channel. I just want them both on on channel 1

I follow all the steps in the amp and midi controller manual and the Channel number of 1 on amp still keeps flashing and number dose not go solid. It says in the manual it will stop flashing when the amp and foot switch are on the same channel and I have also went through all the steps to set the foot controller to channel 1 and the 1 on the amp does not go solid I just want to use the foot switch to call up effect patches, channel switch and effect on off control and expression pedals I basically want to use it as an effect controller for the

V TONE on the amp head but I can’t start programming until I get both the amp head and the foot switch on the same channel and the channel number on the amp head goes solid.. plz help I’m finding it hard getting info about GMX V Tone and FCB1010 setup the user manuals are very vague. And any advice how to program the FCB1010 to be pretty much used as a pedal board to switch between FX in the head and channel switch and effect on and off and expression pedals would be great. It mentioned in the GMX V Tone manual the the FCB1010 is a great MIDI controller and channel switch and effect on and off for the FX built into the GMX 1200H V Tone.