Wireless WIFI Monitoring App Proposal


How are you!

I live in Suwon, South Korea, and am an office worker who is interested in sound equipment.

I had an idea for a wireless method during acoustic monitoring for a long time, so I sent it to AVIX & CUOSHOP the official Korean importer of Midas & Behringer, to propose and discuss it.

The wireless WIFI monitoring app development book and STAGE WAVE & other monitoring APP Guide materials are attached as additional materials through AVIX.
In the future if necessary, we will make it into a translated material and provide it.

Currently, I am in charge of circuit parts in JIG and equipment assembly and manufacturing at Samsung VD and a primary supplier (Na & Na).

In general, in relation to monitoring, it is a form of using one's own smartphone as a monitoring device from a wired method using

Behringer P16-M to a wireless network method using WIFI Router. Innovative products are being launched to support you.

We have analyzed STAGE WAVE App, which is currently the most emerging, and we would like to suggest a way to develop more advanced than

STAGE WAVE App by identifying the improvements in the network of that APP.

Advantages of STAGE WAVE: App compatibility / stability / Low latency possible (latency changes depending on the setting)

Cons: Requires high-performance Router and mid-range performance smart phone
Amount of high-power WIFI data / Monthly flat rate

Advantages of the New Behringer App (temporary name): Intermediate performance Router / Entry-level Smart Phone support available

Basic output WIFI data amount / Calculation of reasonable monthly fixed amount for users

Development and sales of PC-only and WIFI Router combined (small-scale) models

There are additional materials reviewed and analyzed to make this proposal, and ideas related to Line Up that will be upgraded in the future from

this proposal model are also being prepared.

Please review the contents first, and if you need interest or discussion about my proposal, please message & call.

thank you.

[email protected]


H.K.Oh (Hong Kyun Oh)