X-Touch Stops Sending Data in HUI MODE, but keeps receiving


Hi there!


I need help. I sold my trusty (yet noisy) BCF2000 and got this X-Touch, with so many lights, buttons... while all I needed was relatively silent faders for volume automation.


Since I purchased this unit, it randomly disconnects from Pro Tools (though it does´t warn me at all with any message in the daw). It just stops responding to my movements, and no more volume automation is written. It receives data, and keeps moving the faders along the project, but then I need to restart bot the X-Touch and the DAW (happens the same in Studio One). 


Any ideas if this may be something with an easy solution? I´ve read some posts about power grounding, but my unit is connected to an earthed plug, and USB is directly plugged to the computer, no hubs in between. 


I mean, I can´t return this unit now, I´ve got TONS of work to do with it in the next months, and It´s a bummer to be obliged to stop every other minute for this issue.


Any help will be appreciated.