Church considering X32c or M32r


by whamil



At long last the church I work for might replace the TF3 with a X32c or M32r.  I myself own a Compact and two Racks.  

I'm looking for all the extra programs Patrick and Paul have written, but searching the forum isn't getting me there.  In years past I thought I've seen a page that summarizes and provides links.  

In particular, I'm checking that they also will work on the M32 series (I'm sure they do). 

I believe I can use some of what Patrick and Paul have written to use keyboard hotkeys to control input channels via osc commands from the debian streaming computer, or the mac projection slide computer.  

I'm excited about all the possibilities I've read over the years for easier control of these boards but I've never used more than x32 edit, and occasionally the android app.  

Thanks for the help,