My Dream Venue Combo Guitar Amp


Dear All, 

I just wanted to write a letter to Bugera but I found myself in a serious registration process in case of reach you. So I am a guitarist who usually plays alone or with a singer in a duet. I'm Hungarian but I live in Vietnam. I've been always searching for the best compact combo amp, a kinda Swiss knife. Through the years I had Marshall50 acoustic, Roland AC60, Fishman Mini - among the 3 it was the best so far. But it only was. Because once I connected a distortion pedal and I blew away the tweeter. 
And recently I ve found the Bugera AC60 which seems to be the closest to my dreams. It does not sport a tweeter to burn it down but has a loop where I can connect my electric guitar with amp/cab simulation without damaging the speaker - of course not using full gains.
My dream combo that no company has ever made yet would be:
- sporting 3 channels + 6.3mm aux in (guitar, mic, my electric pedal kick drum)
- able to handle acoustic/hollow body and electric guitars all
- switchable tweeter or frequency selector: full range for the mic and acoustic guitar, middle and bass for other guitars
- tuner, reverb onboard
- line out 
- loop circuit
- 60 Watt output

The makers think that all gigging guitarists (street, small bar, etc.) play with acoustic guitars when they sing. No one thinks of electric guitar users who need a mic channel either. There is no such amp at the market which offers a compact solution for this above. Now I m planning to buy the Bugera AC60, and I hope I will not blow the double cone speaker away. 
Thank you for your attention