Toneprint App Suggestion: Allow for the sorting pedal favorites based on pedal type


by jl1016


The Toneprint App gives you the option of marking any Toneprint you like for a specific pedal as a favorite.  The issue is, if you go back and look at the favorites you marked for the different types of pedals you have, you are presented with a long list of items which appear to be default sorted based on the Toneprint name rather than, say, the pedal type (e.g. chorus, delay, etc.). 

So, for example, if you just want to look at ONLY your Hall of Fame Reverb favorites, you cannot do so.  Rather, all of your reverb favorites are lumped in with your chorus, tremolo, and delay favorites, and unless you remember the specific favorite name, you'll have to wade through the list of ALL of your favorites until you find the one you want.

Suggested Toneprint App enhancement: Allow for the sorting/filtering of toneprint favorites based on pedal type.  Query example: show me all of my delay favorites; show me all of my chorus favorites, and so on.