QX1204USB - questions about the Aux/FX send/return and internal fx.



I have just ordered a Behringer QX1204USB mixer and have some questions about it. 

1. I assume the signal chain follows the order of the knobs: gain -> comp -> EQ -> Aux(1 and 2) -> Balance -> out. But if I use a built in reverb effect and run the signal through an external chorus effect (via FX send/return jacks), will the chorus come before or after the built in effect? 

2. The mixer has two aux send/returns. One is labeled FX (Aux 2), and the other is just aux (Aux 1). I understand I can use both for external FX, but are there any other common uses for Aux 1

3. Are Aux 1 and Aux 2 in parallell och in series?

4. And finally, is it a line-out signal coming out of the Main-output? I am think of putting a Zoom MS-100bt there, before the signal goes into the recording device. 

I am a hobby musician.