Behringer Shark FBQ100 - Default settings sound unnatural. Am I doing it wrong?



At our church we have a DSP1124P that does a phenomenal job at taking care of feedback through our monitors. I'd like to get another one to put on our main speakers, but until then we have a FBQ100 sitting around that I thought I'd hook a condenser mic into.

I have it reset and everything is off except Active. In other words it's at the default settings. My problem is that it makes the mic sound worse. It seems to sound cut off/chopped off at the beginning and end of talking for lack of a better description. Almost like there's some heavy noise reduction going on. It just doesn't sound natural. We've tried it with other mics and get the same results.

The condenser mic is a Behringer (whether that matters or not). It's plugged in via XLR with phantom power on and the input & output set to "mic."

Is this the normal operation for this unit or is there a setting I need to mess with.