Behringer videos NOT too user friendly for the beginner


I've had my X Air X18 for a few years and hardly used it because of the setup learning curve.  "Life happened", so I actually forgot I even bought the thing, but now that I have time to focus on it, I have yet to find a concise video by Behringer or a third party to show me how to use the device in its simplest way for home studio recording.

I bought the unit to plug all of my vintage analog and MIDI gear into, and then route them into my DAW (Logic Pro X, GarageBand...whatever), but the tutorials are designed for experienced engineers using the mixer for live monitor connections (NOT my situation at all).

 If anyone has links to videos which CLEARLY explain (STEP-BY-STEP) how to plug in and operate the Behringer X Air X18 as a studio interface, my purchase will be worth it; otherwise, I blew hundreds of dollars on a fantasy.