Lab Gruppen E-Series service manual



All my old email addresses and contacts at Gruppen get bounced?? Mind you its been some time requesting info.  Ive joined up the music tribe now do hopefully there is somebody is willing to help me.

I run a service repair business in victoria Australia.

I currently have a E-Series power amps from a church install from NSW which are obviously out of warranty. I have a temperature related issues where CH2 after 15 minutes begins to splatter and eventually cuts out.  Led signal indictors shows valid Signal although when the level is increased on the faulty channel the amber limit led flashes. Can hear the level although its very very low. I’ve tried freezing components on the signal board however i believe its Class D issue not confirmed as yet.


I’m making a 8-way IDC signal input extension cable to swap channels to determine if its signal board is the issue or its the class D amp? Parts on order to do this.


I was hoping to get a service manual to make things easier to track the fault down with the oscilloscope.


Im happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if that works? Have done for many other brands in the past.


Hope your able to help.


Many thanks