X32 Aux Routing


Hello All!

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In setting up my X32 (still very new to it) I came across an issue I would appreciate some help on.

Scenario is as follows:

Bass cabinet with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into DI BOX. DI BOX with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into X32 1/4 TRS AUX IN port 2.

I have setup X32 routing as follows:

#1) USER IN: Mapping Aux In 1-6 to Inputs 17-22 (screenshot 1)
#2) INPUTS: Channel 17-24 > User In (17-24) (screenshot 2)

My question is around #2. For the last gig I had NOT selected User In (17-24), but left it at the default, which was just AES50-A 1-8, I believe. Everything worked fine and I adjusted levels, EQ, etc. in the AUX FX section (screenshot 3). When looking at the mixer channels 1-32 view, there was no signal registered at Input 18, I only saw the signal in the AUX FX section on Aux 2 (as expected based on the routing selection in #1.

After selecting User In (17-24) in #2 I now can see the bass signal register in the 1-32 mixer view on Ch 18 (screenshot 4).


A) Is this the correct way to do AUX routing at all?
B) If #2 is selected, I now have the option to change MIC pre input sensitivity (or EQ) either in the AUX section (Aux 2) or in the 1-32 mixer view on CH 18, or both. What is the recommended way?

Thank you!



Screenshot 1)

Screenshot 2)

Screenshot 3)

Screenshot 4)