Behringer CX2310

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I have bought a secondhand Behringer CX2310 unit from EBay to drive a single set of small speakers and a subwoofer for a small church building. 

I need to understand how to connect the speakers (via an Amp) so I get "full range to each side and lows to the subwoofer. 

1. Can I connect the outputs of the "High" and "Low" outputs to one channel of the amp to effectively sum the outputs?

2. Do I tune say the "High" or "Low" outputs to give me the range I need?

The frequency response of the speakers (JBL Control One Pro) is 100Hz - 18KHz

The frequency response of the Sub is 40Hz to 250Hz

So I need to be able to send 200Hz - 18KHz to the JBLs and 40Hz - 250Hz to the Sub

I can't see which settings I can use to achieve this without using both the high and low outputs.

Any thoughts??