M32C Not working as USB interface on Mac mini M1


Hi, apologies if this covered elsewhere. 
We use an a Midas M32C in our studio as an interface in an aggregate device set up with Universal Apollo Twin. We were using an older Mac and it worked beautifully. We recently got a 2020 M1 Mac Mini (OS Monterey 12.2) and for some reason the M32C doesn't show up at all as a device. We have tried different cords. We also have an X32R which does work with M1 Mac Mini as USB interface. We are currently using that, but our ideal set up is with the Midas. We tried swapping the USB Cards (put the X32 card in the M32) but the Midas still wouldn't show up as a device. We also tried the DN32 Card (M32 card) in the X32 and that works fine with the Mac Mini. The Firmware is all up to date on the Midas. I guess the question I have is about whether it's a known issue that the M32C will not work with the new apple silicon chips and if there is any tech support I can get to work through the issue?