Playing external wav files from the USB port or ...... on the x32 Full


By now, I am sure the answer to this is yes, but I have not figured it out yet.
My board has latest firmware, (4.06 at this time), I have the latest version of xEdit for the PC.

I have installed the USB drivers for the x32 on the pc,   set up my network connect, and can manage
the board via that internet interface.

What I would like to do, is take an audio project that has seperate tracks, and push that audio to
various channels on the board as if it were a live session.    so I can work on EQ settings, mixing, effects, etc.
without having to do it live (or in a band practice session).   I am trying to use BandLabs Cakewalk, 
and not having much luck...

Anybody know what I might be overlooking here?

Also, if I open up the USB driver window, that window shows no devices connected.   And I have tried
multiple (both new and used) usb cables between the pc and the xUSB card in the back of the board.

Thanks peeps