Outputting my mix Xenyx 1002usb


by tevro


Newcomer here - hope someone can help.

My setup:  I have an Android connected into the soundboard as directed, a Shure wireless mic into the first channel using an xlr, and digital speakers for the output. I've followed the helpful steps Rex outlined in a previous post and can get my mix into my Surface Pro 7, (finally!! what a breakthrough! I know this because I tried filming a little test video), but I can only do that if I use Spotify on the computer (not from my Android) and when I do that for some reason I can't HEAR the mix of my voice/music over the speakers to know how the mix is coming across when I livestream or record.  

When I use my Android as the music source, I can hear the mix of music/voice just fine over the speakers and hence control the balance of the mix, however, I can't get the mix to go into the computer to be able to livestream or record - I have to choose either the mic or the music.

Any suggestions how to somehow get music and voice through computer and speakers so that I can both record/stream and hear at the same time would be super helpful.