TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Recording in a DAW 2



I managed to record the vocals from Voicelive 3 into my DAW, thanks to your advices. Thanks a lot. 

But I still don't understand a particular function that you mentioned: "If you want to essentially use your VoiceLive 3 as a USB hardware plugin with your DAW, we recommend using the DAW INSERT input mode and the SAME AS XLR output mode, with the XLR Output Mode set to Dual Mono."

What exactly means using Voicelive 3 as a plugin for vocals, does it mean to apply the Voicelive 3 effects, to the dry vocals that are already recorded in my DAW? Like I use any other vocal effect from Logic, for example?

Because with all the above mentioned settings, this thing is not possible:) In fact, with all the above mentioned settings made, I can't hear any sound going out from Voicelive 3 or comming in from my DAW.