Xair18 connection problem - hardware or firmware?


Dear tribe

i've been using the X Are 18s internal Wi-Fi hotspot for years with no problems. In the last month or two it started randomly disconnecting.

so I tried a new Wi-Fi router and I'm still getting disconnected.

today, I bypassed everything and just go direct ethernet connection from my MacBook Pro to the remote ethernet port on the front of the device.

I have the switch properly to the far left for ethernet. Yellow light is solid. 

When I go to the software on my Mac I go to the set up page and select the IP address - it connects. 

I also read advice online that you should turn off your Wi-Fi on your PC just to make sure that it's not interfering. So I have my Wi-Fi completely off during all this process.

I have tested the direct Ethernet connection by turning on and off microphones and it works.


but Then as always in a few minutes it just disconnects me. 

Yes I have checked the ethernet cable to make sure that it's not defective.

i'm not sure what else to do to troubleshoot this? Maybe I need to update the firmware? I'm using firmware version 1.17 for Mac. When I go on the Behringer website for software it's not clear what the most current version is for Mac?

can anyone please help?