Power supply issue Tc electronics Finalizer, Firworx and M2000


Hi I am going nuts trying to find three switchable power supplies for the above units my three Tc units have all developed the same problem of either the caps or the controler and caps blowing preventing the units from switching on. I bought the finalizer and the fireworx brand new when they came out I've had less than 1 years use with my finalizer and the fireworx stopped working after 1 month yes 1 month. That was many years ago.
They were put aside after the ridiculous repair quotes during those days. I am now capable of repairing theses power supplies but would like to buy the wizard power supply instead. I ordered three and paid over £300 to a company called Fixtronix of Ierland who are supposed to be the official Tc suppliers for these power supplies. Needless to say I recieved no response for six weeks then no response to some 12 emails enquiring about my order. I had to open a case with paypal to get my money back 1 month later still no money back. So I called a friend in Ireland and sent him to their premises to enquire about my order. I then got my first response  with an email and lame exuse about staff being ill and Tc moving factory. I got my money back through paypal the followig day.
I ve now joined The tribe after being forced here through the Tc website I have posted about this problem for over a month and not a single response to this common Tc electronics Issue. This clearly should have been a class action lawsuit, these units should have been recalled and repaired for free this is quite clearly a maufacturing fault with the power supplies. Great gear when they work but by not accepting this as their fault, is a very calous and greedy corporate stance by of the owners of Tc Electronics as far as Im concerned.
Can anybody help with finding these Wizard power supplies its been an absolute nightmare so far thanks.