Wattage puzzlement for B112D


Hi, I was checking the specs of the B112D and cannot understang something:

If peak power is 1000W how is it possible that power supply has maximum power consumption of 110W? How can they reach peak power of 1000W if power supply can output only 110W max?

If we compare it to the specs of its older brother, the B212D, those are more reasonable: 

B212 has a peak power of 550W with the power supply that has maximum power consumption of 600W - for what is my common sense and basic knowledge of electronics, it is right to have an amp with max power a little more than the required. But how does the B112D work with a 110W max amp? I don't find it physically possible for the speakers to reach a peak of 1000W when maximum output from amp is 110W. Am I missing something?