Behringer power amplifiers methods or guidelines used for power rating


Currently Behringer power amplifiers power ratings are expressed using the term "max power" and Behringer officially states that "you can expect the RMS/continous power rating would be "around" half the declared max power rating".

What does "around" half really means? It is "around half" at least or "around half" at most?

Specifying "Max power" only for a power amplifier could mean that its continous long term power rating may be anywhere over "around half" or under "around half", which makes it difficult to design and calculate a sound system and to choose the proper power amplifier for the loudspeakers for which the continuous and peak power ratings are known.

What methods or guidelines does Behringer use or follow to determine the power rating of its power amplifiers?

Are amplifiers tested with sine wave test tones at different frequencies inside the supported bandwidth?

Are amplifiers tested with pink noise (what crest factor) inside the supported bandwidth?

Are amplifiers tested with both or all channels driven?

What is the maximum THD allowed during the power rating procedure?

What is the resolution of the digital signal processing units used on the power amplifiers with DSP?

Thank kindly!