Behringer Pro-1 Pitch Bend Issue [SOLVED]


This issue is fixed in firmware revision 1.31


The Behringer Pro-1 has an apparently widespread issue with pitch bend over midi. If you perform a pitch bend with a patch with a long sustain, and release the key during the bend, the pitch drops to the lowest C the Pro-1 goes to over midi.

I logged a support ticket for this issue with a unit I bought from the US on Amazon, and received a reply saying it was unexpected behaviour and the unit needed to be returned. I returned it for a refund and bought a new unit locally in Australia. The new unit showed the exact same issue. I called the retailer I bought it from, they opened one they had in stock, it also displayed the same issue.

In a thread about the Pro-1 on gearslutz I described the issue, and so far all three Pro-1 owners who tested their units have described the same issue.

It is a little like the behaviour of the Behringer Model D pitch bend, except that jumps back to the last note pressed if the note is released while performing a pitch bend. That is documented behaviour on the Model D.

Can Behringer confirm this is a widespread issue with the Pro-1, and if so do they have plans to fix it? It seems like it would be ammenable to a firmware update.