X32 / XAir18 Streaming Connection?

Hey guys,


My band and I are looking to try to use our X32 and or our XAir18 as audio interfaces with OBS to stream to Twitch and Facebook Live. We've got everything connected, but can't seem to get audio from the interface itself into OBS.

For reference, we are running our X32 into a Macbook Pro 2019 via USB (using the X32 as the main audio device) from the X32 Card Out.

We were successful in setting the X32 as the main audio device in a Zoom call for a couple of friends, but due to security concerns with Zoom, we wanted to go through a streaming service to get better security and control.


Does anyone have experience with this or know what to do? Do I need extra software? Do I need an extra piece of gear? I can provide screen shots and things.

Thanks for any help.