Voicelive 3 extreme

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This just started happening. My unit is probably 3 years old. When I start adjusting settings or changing things while editing things like amp eq... drive settings,, reverb.. really anything. My screen splits up into different sections. like if you looked in a mirror or thru a glass window that was broken. part od the screen is on top, the rest of the screen is on the bottom of the display window. Or, the 2 sides of the screen are fine and the middle has it's own section above or below the rest of the screen. Nothing is cracked or broken on the screen. To fix this , i simply turn off the uniy and back on and it is fine. It may last 5 min. or 5 days. Or as long as I use it normally and don't change any perimetors ,,, its fine. Can this be fixed? Has anyone else had this problem?, thanks,, Don