Your G-Major hanging? Here's how to fix it...

First off, any time you work with mains voltages or can come into contact with them, well, be carefull, really, this stuff can kill. But it isn't hard, if you are really nervous, then make sure the unit is unplugged, and touch a radiator or anything grounded to discharge any static electricity you have built up (walking on carpets etc) so as not to damage the IC chips with static discharge

Right, all credit goes to my friend ryan, who had the same problem as me, but decided to see if there was anything obvious wrong, and found this out.

First off, my problem started with the the G-Major freezing during a gig. i thought it was broken, but then it started working again, and then one day it just would not start. The screen lit up, but nothing happened, like a completely dead unit.

Well, Ryan had the same problem, so he took his apart and discovered that there's two chips in sockets that can be replaced. Now either of these can come loose, so if your g-Major is hanging, then take it apart, and find these two chips:

On the main board, easy to get to:

On the front panel, less easy, and you'll need to have something to undo the security hex bolts. Anyway, remove the two inner dials, then pull the panel forwards and slide off to the left or the right, and find the following chip (which was slightly loose on mine)

Simply see if these are properly in (give them a slight push, then try the unit on again, just don't touch the innards as they'll be exposed)

Anyway, if this is the problem, then this should sort it out!

I am well pleased, as I bought a replacement g-major, but now I have two, one for each amp setup!